This film will be a catalogue of our journey to find true happiness, and interviews with people we meet along the way talking about individual experiences with both depression and happiness. We want to find what it is that makes people happy, and why depression is so prevalent. We're going to talk to people who have first-hand experiences with both, as well as those who study it. We're going to get real with them. We want to discover our cultural perception of happiness and deconstruct this perception that leaves so many feeling empty.

We've personally gone through bouts of depression. We've felt isolated, sad, and hopeless. By experiencing these lows, we've grown to live even greater highs. With nearly one in four young adults suffering from depression before reaching age 24, and 20 million people in America dealing with depression every single year, something has to change. We want to shine the spotlight on this overwhelming issue and help bring hope of happiness to as many people as possible.